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Sebastian Wild

I’m a Lecturer in Computer Science researching and teaching algorithms and data structures. I am also interested in computer science education and more generally improving the dissemination of knowledge.

Tudor Jianu

A Ph.D student at the University of Liverpool with an interest in Machine Learning.

Antony McCabe

I am a lecturer in Computer Science, as well as a software engineer and part-time data scientist in the University’s Computational Biology Facility. I’m also interested in the use of technology in education.

Joshua Alcock

Flávia de Araújo e Castro Alves

I am a PhD student and University Teacher at the University of Liverpool. My research interests lie in the field of Machine Learning and AI for Human Activity Recognition.

Nikhil Mande

I am a lecturer in Computer Science. My main research interests are in the areas of computational complexity theory and quantum computing.

Teodor Ciochirca

Past Members

Pamela Bezerra

Joe Livesey

Elektra Kypridemou