Upcoming Events

Past Events

Primary Inward Visits 2022

Week of 20 June 2022

We will offer exploratory workshops on Artificial Intelligence as part of the Primary Inward Visits.

Presentation at CMSC 2022

20--23 April 2022

Sebastian presented our Artificial Intelligence course as an invited speaker at CMSC 2022, the 6th International Conference on Creative Mathematical Science...

Lecture for Liverpool Scholars Program

Sebastian delivered a lecture on Artificial Intelligence as part of the Liverpool Scholars widening-participation program of University of Liverpool.

Year 9 STEM Days 2022

06 & 07 January 2022

We offer a workshop on Programming LEGO Robots as part of the Year 9 STEM Days.

VG&M Family Workshops

Table-top activities at the Family Workshop of the Victoria Gallery and Museum.

Virtual Summer School

July & August 2021

Our AI activities as part of the Insight into university summer school.

Liverpool World Museum

19 & 20 June 2021

Python robot programming workshop at the World Museum, Liverpool, as part of the wider AI: More than human exhibition.

Virtual School Visits

Spring term 2021

We “visited” several schools with our remote Artifical intelligence workshop.